A Community Initiative for Petty Theft.

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About the Crime Accountability Partnership

The Crime Accountability Partnership (C.A. Partnership) is an innovative and promising new initiative to address petty shoplifting and is the result of collaboration between the non-profit National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) and Turning Point Justice (TPJ) – a Cloud-Justice technology company. The C.A. Partnership’s goal is to provide a comprehensive, sustainable and effective program to retailers and criminal justice agencies to reduce the time and costs associated with low-level retail theft offenses, hold offenders accountable and prevent repeat offenses.


About the Crime Accountability Partnership Program

The Crime Accountability Partnership Program is a community supported program that provides eligible shoplifting offenders with a one-time chance to take responsibility for their actions and avoid entry into the criminal justice system. The program reduces the expenditure of retailer and criminal justice resources, provides restitution to the retail victim and education to the offender to help build their competency.

As part of the program, retailers are trained to utilize the TPJ Cloud Justice™ incident processing platform which allows them to produce a single, complete, accurate, shareable and prosecutable report. This report is designed to:
  • Reduce law enforcement calls and improve retailer community relations
  • Minimize detention time and standardize reporting
  • Reduce costs associated with preparing multiple reports for various organizations responsible for handling retail theft incidents
  • Reduce retailer liability through consistent case processing and improved incident reports

The C.A. Partnership Program education, offender management and restitution collections are provided by NASP who employs the same offense-specific programs and proprietary techniques used to provide these services to court systems across the country. NASP’s case managers:
  • Maximize offender compliance to improve collection of retail victim restitution and reduce recidivism
  • Reduce the volume of non-compliant cases which need to be forwarded back to law enforcement/prosecutor for further action.
  • Manage the Indigence Fund to ensure equal access for all offenders offered the program